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Hotels and other places of lodging create a lot of waste. While most of this waste, like room service leftovers or a used shampoo bottle, is thrown in the regular trash headed for the local landfill, there are some cases in which hotels come into contact with waste that cannot be flushed or put in the trash.

In addition to keeping you safe, here are a few reasons hotels and other places of lodging should team up with a company like ManageMed to help manage biomedical and hazardous waste. 

Each year, business owners are forced to file for bankruptcy or close their doors permanently due to fines resulting from improper handling and/or disposal of biomedical waste. While many facilities know exactly what they are doing when it comes to getting rid of medical waste and other hazardous material, others simply don’t realize that every business is responsible for the proper disposal of ALL waste.

Whether you own a hotel in a large metroplex like Dallas or you have a small hunting lodge in the hills of North Carolina, chances are high that a hotel guest will need to throw away something that is considered to be biomedical or biohazardous waste. In order to keep from getting fined, it is vital that you have a plan prior to your guests needing help.

At ManageMed, we can work with you to put together a plan to manage incoming biomedical waste, provide you with the proper hazardous waste containers, and help you to create a pickup schedule for the proper disposal of the biomedical/hazardous waste. 

Since most people who work in the hotel and hospitality industry may not have experience working around bio-hazardous material, It’s important that you offer specialized training to your staff. Not only do they need to know how to perform their jobs accurately, but they also need to know how to follow guidelines and protocol when it comes to the proper disposal of needles, blood-soaked sheets, and other items that could put employees and guests at risk.

At ManageMed, we provide online OSHA compliance training. This is a quick, user-friendly way to make sure that your staff understands the importance of keeping their workplace safe. In addition to keeping your hotel and lodging business safe, OSHA training also helps to make sure that your employees stay compliant by throwing away medical waste where it needs to be and disposing of the waste that keeps your business from being fined.

People stay in hotels, motels, and other places of lodging for various reasons. Some may stay near a hospital before or after surgery. Others may be attending a wedding or business conference. Some just stay for the fun of it.

It is vital to the safety of your guests and to your staff that they understand what to look for when it comes to medical waste and how to dispose of it properly. Here is a short list of items that are found in hotels that may come as a surprise to staff.

• Sharps - needles, syringes, lancets
• Blood Soaked Items - sheets, towels, washcloths, napkins, etc.
• Unclaimed Prescription Medication
• Items soaked with bodily fluids - urine, vomit, etc.

Do they know what to do with these items?
As an owner or property manager, it is also important that you supply your staff with the items needed to properly clean, disinfect, and dispose of such waste. Do you provide the following?

• Gloves 
• Face Masks
• Containers to separate laundry that has been soaked with blood or other bodily fluids
• Containers for sharps and other hazardous waste
Compliance Training

Running a business like a hotel is HARD WORK. The last thing that you want to think about is more regulations and things you have to do. By partnering with a medical waste disposal company like ManageMed, you can be confident in your medical waste management. We take the headache out of medical waste removal, medical waste transport, and medical waste disposal. Give us a call today at 844-383-8933 and let us create a medical waste management plan that’s right for you.