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How Managemed Got Started in the BioHazard Waste Business

With our first blog we thought that we should talk about why we started Managemed to begin with. Managemed started because our sister company, Medical Waste Services, which takes care of medical waste pickup in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas would consistently receive inquiries from all over the United States from all types of businesses looking to get a quote for their medical waste pickup.

With that being said, we felt that the entire lower 48 states needed a one stop shop for managing their bio-hazard waste stream from beginning to end.  And so, Managemed was born.  We have grown our company by doing business the right way from the start. We believe that all businesses deserve to have a company that will pick up, transport, treat, and dispose of all their regulated medical waste without raising their rates for no rhyme or reason. We believe that every business should not be charged for hidden miscellaneous fees, and should not have to worry about unfair long-term contracts. Most importantly, we believe that customer service should be the highest priority on the list, therefore,  here at managemed our motto is “treat every customer the way they want and deserve to be treated.”  It has worked for us so far, and we are growing into more and more areas of the United States with each new day in business!

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