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Your Medical Waste Disposal Provider: Friend or Foe?

Sometimes when you have been with a company for years or even decades, you assume that you are being treated as the loyal customer you are. You may assume that your pricing and quality of service will stay relatively close to the same. This however, is not always the case with some of the big national Medical Waste Companies.


One company proves this more than any other. With more than one million customers worldwide, Stericycle holds the majority interest for medical waste disposal. That being said, just because they are the biggest, does that automatically mean that they are the best that is out there?


Before making any decisions about who to do business with, a savvy person should always do their research. So let’s do just that.


Over the last three years alone, Stericycle has been involved in 18 class action lawsuits in various states. In a recent article by Hartford Business out of Connecticut (Pilon, CT docs join lawsuit frenzy against medical-waste giant), we see that the company is undergoing yet another claim against them for having customer service agreements that are “deceptive or misleading”. But what does that actually mean?


Stericycle’s contracts have a clause that says they can incrementally raise prices to account for rising operational costs or legal changes. In the article by Hartford Business as well as an article published by the National Dental Association (Soderlund, ADANews Stericycle contracts: Read the fine print), we see, however, that Stericycle applies on average an 18% automated increases to its customers.The lawsuit in Connecticut claims that these increases are “a systematic practice and policy that Stericycle regularly employs to generate revenues”.


With customers like the ones quoted in the article by the ADA, who noticed a nearly 250% increase in their bill since they began service with Stericycle, it makes you wonder if the claims in these lawsuits may not be true.


Knowing the information that you now know, have you taken the time to see how you are truly being treated by your provider? There is a better option. If you would like to know more about our pricing, services, agreements, or have any other questions please contact a representative at (877) 670-6522 or by email at Feel free to also check out the articles quoted through the links below.


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